Air-laid c fold wipes

The use of c fold wipes is widespread, a common sight within companies and hospitals, mainly in the bathrooms but you can often also see them being used for personal hygiene for regular people and babies. Often the latter is used when the wipes are made from air-laid, as it's a stronger material that can absorb more and can be sterilized. It's still disposable of course, making it easy to use in medical settings too where you might not want to end up with a lot of extra cloth and materials that needs to be taken care of. Hygiene will always be an important part of daily life, regardless of it's within a clinical setting or not but the type of disposable hygienic stuff will depend on your needs and what you're using it for. C fold wipes will likely be what you use most often since they're easily accessible and easy to use.

The usage

As mentioned before, the use of air-laid wipes is better suited to cleaning and wiping for personal hygiene, and you may even see them used for babies as the material is suited for people with sensitive skin. But regardless of what you need c fold wipes for, if you want to read more or make an order you can click here and make a decision of what type of hygienic products that you want for your company or clinic. No matter which you pick, it'll be of good use for you and others.